The first information technology business incubator d.o.o “Inventivnost“ was officially opened on Friday, 13th March 2009. at the premises of Narodna Tehnika. The incubator opened the major of the capital Podgorica, Mr. Miomir Mugosa. Beside representatives from the Government of Montenegro and the Delegation of the European Commission in Montenegro, many representatives from the University, state institutions and business associations were present.

In the introductory speech, Mr. Vukcevic, director of the Directorate for SME Development, stressed that the information technology is the basic for modern and successful business. The aim is to support business ideas focused at development of business technologies and new businesses. Early life is very difficult in development of modern technologies, and risky for survival of an enterprise. Thus, we paid a special attention to information technologies through financial support, stated Mr. Vukcevic. He thanked to European Commission and the Government of Netherlands for providing support to this project, established by the Montenegrin Government and the capital Podgorica, with the support of Narodna Tehnika.

Prof. Novak Jaukovic said that incubators are very efficient form through which transfer of knowledge in new technologies is supported, particularly in software field. We will help young people to manage projects, and to remunerate them. Having such experience, they will find opened door both at local community and at national level, pointed out Prof. Jaukovic.

The Head of the Operations Section of the Delegations of the European Commission, Mr. Nicola Bertolini emphasised that business incubators contribute to profit and employment growth. Small and medium enterprises create 99% of the European companies and represent the core of the European economy, stated Mr. Bertolini.

Having opened the first business incubator in Montenegro, Mr. Mugosa, stressed that the capital Podgorica will continue to support the development of this business. There are potential in hundreds of young people, who should bear this project. Hoping that future projects will have European Commission, Mr. Mugosa said that the opening of the business incubator in Podgorica is appeal to all institutions to support this sector, which is very important for small and medium business.