On 22.09.2009 Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEDD) and GTZ-ASE signed memorandum of understanding which explicitly defines duties and responsibilities of both sides in recognition of project “Enhancement of Energy Efficiency in Montenegro�.

The main activity of the Project is consultants’ capacity building. The consultants from the regional and local business centres will gain necessary skills to be able to provide, consulting services for energy efficiency and renewable energies projects not only to the SME-s, but to the public in general, and run awareness raising campaign for EE and renewable energies in their municipalities.

By providing their services business centres would greatly contribute to general awareness for EE and use of renewable energies which would further contribute to increased productivity, sustainable economic development, opening of the new working places, environmental protection (reduced emition of polluting gases) and in general much improved living and working condition in Montenegro.