National Partnership for entrepreneurship learning, coordinated by the Directorate for Development of SMEs, includes, apart from the Directorate, also the Ministry of Education and Science, Employment Agency of Montenegro, Chamber of Commerce, Employers Union, Centre for Vocational Education and Training and Centre for Development of Non-Government Organizations, as partners represented in the Partnership.

The Partnership, together with 7 more countries, took part on the tender for the Entrepreneurship learning project, which aims at increasing the competitiveness through strategic promotion of entrepreneurship learning, as part of broader efforts of countries towards harmonization with the spirit and principles of European Charter for Small Enterprises, and it has been selected to implement this project.

The Partnership, through the project, works on developing competences and capacities for assessment and reporting on European charter for small enterprises, as well as on drafting the policy discussion document for entrepreneurship learning and self-employment.

Thus, in Directorate for Development of SMEs, 29-30 November 2006, two meetings were held with representatives of all partner institutions, durign which the following recommendations were defined for the policy document for entrepreneurship learning and self-employment:

• To formalize the Partnership within one of the partner institutions as consultative and advisory body for development and implementation of policies, which are of key importance for sustainable and social development;
• The design of draft strategy which will be based on entrepreneurship and will provide for the measures for introduction and promotion of entrepreneurship values, entrepreneurial spirit and self-employment through the entire education system – formal, non-formal and informal. This strategy should also develop the measures of adaptation of the education reform process.

The partnership representatives participated also to two-day workshop “Entrepreneurship Learning� 19-20 December 2006., in Turin, Italy, during which they have represented their partnership, as well as plans for 2006.

Issues on the value of partnership, a life-long leartning, donor assistance in entrepreneurship in education system, as well as the opportunities of cooperation between Western Balkan Partnerships were dicussed with other National Partnership representatives.

In addition, a meeting with representatives from Ministry of Education of Norway was held, during which possible ways of support of Norway Government to the partnership in 2006 were discussed.