SMEDA in Consortium with INFORMEST (IT) and MURA (SLO) has been invited by the European Union Delegation to Montenegro to take part in the restricted tender procedure “EuropeAid/134108/C/SER/ME EU INFO CENTRE IN PODGORICA”. The Consortium led by INFORMEST has been shortlisted together with other 7 candidates.
Detailed information about project, positions and instructions may be found on the following links

Key Experts:

  1. Key expert 1 – Team Leader
  2. Key expert 2 – Public Relations and Event Manager
  3. Key Expert 3 – Public Information and Communication Officer

Non Key Experts:

  1. Non Key Expert 1 – Help Desk Officer/Receptionist
  2. Non Key Expert 2 – Webmaster/Social Media Officer

Deadline for submission of the application is 10th September 2013. – 13:00h.