Representatives from Directorate for development of small and medium sized enterprises participated on training course “The Policy of Regional Industry Promotion for South East European Countries� that was held in JICA Chugoku International Centre (JICA Chugoku), Hiroshima, Japan, in the period from June 5, 2007 to July 8, 2007. The training program for overseas participants is one of JICAs (Japan International Cooperation Agency) fundamental technical cooperation activities for developing countries.

The main subjects of this training were overview of Japan’s local industry promotion policies, local industries and local business start-ups, implementation of Japan’s local industry promotion policy (Networking between private financial institutions and enterprises, networking among industry, academia and government, case of 3rd sector), provision of support services on human resource development, SMEs’ practices, business planning for starting-up local industries etc.

This training program was designed for the purpose of understanding the concept of Japan’s local industry promotion, understanding the roles of different actors in promoting local industries and their networking efforts, learning the practical measures of local industry promotion that benefit the local enterprises through case study, and formulating improvement plan of the existing local industry promotion
measures and/or practices of the participants’ countries, which will be
implemented upon return to their countries.