Representatives of Montenegrin Government and German development bank KfW signed yesterday the Contract for 10 mil € support for water supply improvement and sewage regulation at the Montenegrin seaside, and for energy efficiency and SME development.
For energy efficiency in this sector, Montenegro received 3 mil €, out of which 2,5 mil € for SMEs, and 500.000 € for technical supporting this field.
This Project enables small and medium enterprises to identify in short term inefficient and non ecological use of resources, implement measures for improving energy efficiency and introducing alternative sources of renewable energies in a way to reduce costs of energy. Also this Project has another dimension, and that is education and influence on population to use energy rationally. An enterprise can reduce energy usage up to 20%, and in this way enhance its competitiveness.
The roll of Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises is to inform enterprises about their possibilities to be involved in this project, to give support in making investment documentation, including technical and business documentation, Project’s promotion, coordination and giving all additional services for successful Project implementation.
We have identified dozen of projects, and their investments elaborates are concluding. Furthermore, we are searching for projects in different enterprises, where we could identify measures for energy efficiency, and introduction of alternative sources.
Within the Project, presentations of the projects had been realized in regional/local business centers, presenting the benefits of it to the interested enterprises.
In next period much intensive Project promotion is planned, introducing Project in regional and local business centers not visited previously, announcing public invitation to apply for facilities provided by this Project.