Social-development program for solving technologic surplus in Zeljezara a.d. Niksic

This Social-development program is aimed at individual workers, referring to their existential question solving by providing new job position, bigger salaries than those present in Željezara Nikšić.

This program is aimed at different target groups, but mainly for those workers that have entrepreneurship initiative and business ideas, to offer financial support in order to create new enterprise, and thus, solve its own existential question.

For workers that are not able to use previous method, another one is planned – employment to another employer/enterprise, where they can earn bigger salary and have secure job position.

Workers that have possibility to deal with agriculture production, there is a model of cooperatives, which will solve one of the serious production problem – how to sell products.

Furthermore, a special incentive is provided for unemployment family members of Zeljezara workers to find their status within combination of different models.

Also, re-qualification and pre-qualification is planned for those workers and their family members, if this is the mean through which they could solve their existential problems.

Social program include business plans making, not by workers themselves, but by licensed project managers. The coordinator of the program is Development Office in Niksic.

All workers are invited to refer to this social-development office, and use their chance til 22nd April, so that their status could be solved in proper way.

Task of this office is consisted of administration and expertise services for all workers that express the interest for one of the proposed models.
The process of credit approving will be shortened, thus, credit applications apprising will be fast, depending on the model, but not more than 10-15 days.

There are certain number of already prepared projects in the social-development office, that could be offered to workers immediately, and thus, simplified the procedure.

• Realized activities of Development Office

Within social program, i.e. within proposed model for retirement, there are 26 workers that applied for retirement (by age) and this procedure is on-going – 9 men and 17 women. For 41 workers, the procedure is finished for retirement (by disability), while for 25 workers the procedure is on-going.

Furthermore, the procedure of approving non-refunded resources is on-going, 11 applications in the amount of 4.000 € per each, within the model of job position ransom, as well as 9 applications for credit approval for family member employment.

Thence, 87 workers solved their status or their procedure is on-going.

In the period from 22nd February till 14th March 2006, there were 58 workers that visited the Office.

Almost the same number visited the Development Office, expressing their will not to be registered.

Within SME private sector model, 14 enterprises expressed their readiness to employ Zeljezara workers, out of which 8 enterprises declared to employ 141 workers from Željezara a.d. Nikšić, while 6 enterprises declared to employ certain number of workers, whose number will be defined during model realization procedure:

1. Varioc d.o.o Nikšić – 2 workers
2. Lisina d.o.o Nikšić – 8 workers
3. GUARDIAN – Budva – 26 workers
4. MONTE – BOMIX d.o.o. Herceg Novi – 30 workers
5. M Plus d.o.o. Nikšić – 30 workers
6. MIL-COM d.o.o Nikšić – 4 workers
7. Optika Ivanović d.o.o. Nikšić- 2 workers
8. Security – Nik d.o.o. Nikšić – 36 workers
9. Montex-hidromont d.o.o. Nikšić – 3 workers
10. Luminiscencija d.o.o. Nikšić – certain number
11. Pjastera d.o.o. Nikšić – certain number
12. ABS d.o.o Nikšić – certain number
13. Boster d.o.o. Nikšić – certain number
14. MI Goranović d.o.o. Nikšić – certain number