Implementation of » TAM program « in Montenegro has started in 2002. in cooperation with European Agency for Reconstruction and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Program objective

Objective of the program is assistance to the enterprises in restructuring and enabling them for doing business in open market economy and support to the efforts which lead to fullprivatization.

Program tasks

Program includes development and improvement of management skills significant for managing small and medium sized enterprises, introduction of business planning, restructuring, product improvement, reduction of business costs, development of local and export market, enhancement of competitiveness and expanding network of business contacts.

The Program includes engagement of international experts from TAM department within European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


» Identification of main problems and their solving,
» Preparation and implementation of three year business plan,
» Analyze of products and services,
» Analyze of situation of enterprise on domestic and foreign market,
» Enhancement of efficiency, competitiveness,
» Adoption and implementation of restructuring programs
» Development of strategies for further business development,
» Development of marketing strategies,
» Support during privatization process,
» Searching for strategic and financial investors.

In the first phase of TAM program in 2002/2003 twelve enterprises have been involved, as well as twelve new enterprises in II phase of the program in period 2005/2006