Directorate for Development in cooperation with Slovenian Gea College organized training course »Strategic management« in the period of 16 – 18. February 2005.
The objective of the training is to assist businesses to achieve self sustainability by designing strategic plans that serve the company mission, assign and manage limited resources.

This training course aimed to address needs of strategic management and provides opportunity to introduce basic concepts such as:

   ٠ Business Analysis and potential of enterprise
٠ Vision of enterprise objectives
٠ Market planning
٠ Strategy control
٠ Planning the relation to the consumers
٠ Preparation enterprise strategies
٠ Types of changes (restructuring, optimization of business processes,
optimization of business activities).
٠ Areas of changes and changes planning

Seminar was addressed to future and existing entrepreneurs and management stuff in business support organization.

Lecturer was Tomaž Gašeprelin from Slovenia.