Project RESET D has been initiated by regions Basilicata, Campania and Lazio, in accordance with Italian Law 84/01 (related to Italian participation and contribution to stability, reconstruction, and development of Balkan countries). The aim of the project is cooperation development between mentioned regions and Serbia and Montenegro, Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Rumania. Basic objectives are to develop possibilities for cooperation and partnership between certain regions and local business associations, as well as to promote and stimulate possibilities for cooperation and partnership between Italian enterprises and those from Balkan countries. Based on project aims, two target groups are defined:
- local chamber of commerce, and other institutions dealing with supporting enterprise in sectors that are defined in the project
- enterprises and their local associations in sectors defined in the project

The following activities are planned for the first target group:
o Proving support to local chamber of commerce through development of knowledge and other instruments in marketing, internationalization, enterprise development and policy development for certain areas through educational and know-how.
o Transfer of knowledge, responsibilities, instruments for individualization, enhancement and development of possibilities for partnership with the emphasis on enterprises and local associations from region Lazio, Campania and Basilicata.
o Stimulate cooperation development between enterprises and local associations.

The following activities are planned for the second target group:
o Project promotion with enterprises in sectors that are defined in the project
o Initiate the program of enhancement of international cooperation
o Define and propose portfolio of enterprise possibilities
o Transfer of knowledge about internationalization processes and instruments
o Provide consultant services for feasibility study and business plans for enterprises
o Provide technical support and consultant services in phase of defining agreement between enterprises