Within the CEFE (Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprises) cycle, 3 modules were organized from February to March 2005, where 7 local trainers were trained, who continued training 60 business beginners within CEFE course.

Seminar contents:
٠ business plan development,
٠ SWOT analysis,
٠ market research,
٠ risk analysis,
٠ production organization,
٠ value engineering,
٠ costs categories,
٠ financial indicators,
٠ balance sheet and financial reports analysis.

Business center Podgorica has organized new cycle of CEFE course in the period from May 23 to June 30, 2005. In addition to marketing and management skills, candidates were trained in the business plan development, which they have presented to representatives from commercial banks. Credit support is planned for 3 of the best business plans.

Summer school

Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises, on the initiative of Local Business Center Cetinje, and in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture and Bureau for Education Services, has realized Pilot project “Summer school – Cetinje the Capital”. This specific way of organizing education process, which is generated out of classroom, is called “Summer school”, offers pupils extraordinary possibility to get introduced with their country, history, cultural-historical monuments, as well as nature beauties.

Having implemented the project “Summer school”, new concept has been applied, which involved three segments: cultural-historical, ecological, and entertaining.

Directorate has printed the brochure “Story about Cetinje” for project purpose, which was delivered to all “Summer school” participants. The authors of the brochure are Nataša Gazivoda and Tamara Milić, who managed to present the most important events in the Montenegrin history, in nice and simple way, through the nostalgic story of princess Jelena (who later on has become the Queen of Italy).

SMEs Promotion Policy

Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has signed Memorandum of Understanding with Directorate for Development of SMEs aiming at technical support of SMEs in Montenegro. Within this cooperation, JICA organized the seminar on SMEs Promotion Policy in Japan for Central and East European Countries. One of the participants was from Montenegro.

Main purpose of this seminar was practical understanding of principal doctrines and priority measures of small and medium enterprises in Japan.

Participants learnt about the role of SMEs in the Japanese economy, the historical background of policy formation, major legislations for public policies regarding SMEs, and various SME assistance programs etc. They had a chance to go on the field and observe successful SMEs and learn about their business philosophy, gain more practical knowledge and experience through trips to government offices, financial institutions and research institutes.

The additional lectures on Japanese language, history and lifestyle were very useful because this information contributed to us making a complete image about Japan. After finishing a seminar, participants received certificates for completing the course.

Setting up managerial teams and employees

Within the BCN project ( Business Cooperation Network), Directorate for Development of SMEs in cooperation with Slovenian GEA College in October 13-15 organized 3 days seminar »Setting up managerial teams and employees motivation»
This course is designed for senior managers in private, non-government and public sectors.
Objective of this seminar was obtaining the administrative knowledge and skills which are necessarily for entrepreneurs.

»Setting up managerial teams«
٠ way from entrepreneur to manager
٠ leadership
٠ team work
٠ successful management style

»Employees motivation«
٠ Development of entrepreneurship culture
٠ Innovation and creativity motivation
٠ Case study

Lecturer was Jordan Berginc, from Slovenia.

Entrepreneurship innovation

Entrepreneurship and creativity are two processes which are completing and stimulating a new concept of innovative management. According to this, Directorate for Development of SMEs in cooperation with Slovenian Gea College organized from March 22-24 2005 seminar “Entrepreneurship innovation”

Seminar objective was to understand the importance of business innovation.


٠ Creativity and innovation
٠ Innovation process
٠ Managing of innovation process
٠ Entrepreneurship culture in enterprise
٠ Solving a problems in creative way
٠ Case study