Creation of local development points in cross-border Adriatic areas

This project belongs to the part A, which is one of the three parts of European Union Initiative INTERREG III.Ogranak A je fokusiran na preko-graničnu saradnju između susjednih regiona, i ima za cilj da razvije preko-granične socijalne i privredne centre kroz
zajedničke razvojne strategije.

The part A is focused on cross-border cooperation between neighbour regions, with the objective to develop a cross-border social and economic centres through common development strategies.

Project LO.DE imply the creation of territorial development, especially in Adriatic region countries, specifying the needs and interests of SMEs and entrepreneurs, and their connecting aimed to joint production and placement of goods and services.

The project started in May 2004., and it’s duration is foreseen till May 2006. (24 months).


• Creation of network of local info points in East-Adriatic countries, to provide assistance and support to the Italian enterprises in the delocalization process of their activities and to provide necessary information.

• Training of local consultants in East-Adriatic countries for providing technical assistance to the Italian entrepreneurs.


• Development of information network which will facilitate the entry at European market to the Montenegrin enterprises and entrepreneurs, as well as European enterprises on Montenegrin market.


• Providing support to the small and medium-sized enterprises in the area of cross-border business cooperation, aimed to strengthen and develop “the networking” between Italian and Balkan region.

Project Partners:

The Lead Partner in this project is the Union of Chambers of Commerce of region Veneto (Unioncamere Veneto).

Italian Project-partners:
• Union of Chambers of Commerce Emilia-Romagna (Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna)
• Chamber of Commerce Padova (Camera di Commercio di Padova)
• Chamber of Commerce Rovigo (Camera di Commercio di Rovigo)
• Chamber of Commerce Venezia Opportunita (Camera di Commercio di Venezia Opportunita)
• Chamber of Commerce Ravenna (Camera di Commercio di Ravenna)
• Chamber of Commerce Chieti (Camera di Commercio di Chieti)
• Union of Chambers of Commerce Molise (Unioncamere Molise)
• Center for international relationships region Veneto (Centro Estero Veneto)

Project-partners from East-Adriatic countries:
• Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises – Montenegro
• Chamber of Commerce Croatia – Euro Info Correspondence Center Zagreb
• District of Rijeka
• District of Split
• District of Pula
• Secretariat for regional and international cooperation of Executive Board of Vojvodina
• Euro Info Relay center Zrenjanin
• Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Realized activities:

• Within Directorate for development of small and medium sized enterprises, the Local Development Office in Podgorica started operating on 4. april 2005.

A Coordinator of the Union of Chambers of Commerce of region Veneto (Unioncamere Veneto) – Giorgio Rocchetto is responsible for the office in Podgorica, and he intermediates between development offices, advises in managing of business and gives information about small and medium-sized enterprises aiming at better cooperation.

• Project is officially presented on 14.september 2005. on press conference held in offices of Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises. On the event number of Italian guests were presented, and it was well followed by Montenegrin medias

• The database was created upon requests from Italian and Montenegrin side, and it is regulary updating.

You can see the further information about this project on URL