The project „Informational database for small and medium-sized enterprises in Montenegro“ represents the sub-project of the Project „Small and medium-sized enterprises – informational database for identification of development directions and enhancement of competitiveness of SME in Montenegro“. Representatives from Economic Faculty from Podgorica, Agency for public opinion researches „Damar“ from Podgorica, and Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises are working team, that has primarily task to propose a methodology which is in accordance with Eurostat and OECD standards for simple and fast information approach, in order to follow the development/changes in SME sector. Through this process of collecting primarily data, we will reach informational input that the Directorate is interested in.

The aim of this Project is to develop reliable database about small and medium-sized enterprises in Montenegro, i.e. to provide data on enterprise structure (selected by number of employees, by activities at Republic and municipal level). These data are of great importance for any researches, and thus, creation and implementation of Strategy policy related to entrepreneurship development and economic in general.