One of the priority activities of the Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises is organizing institutional support for development of small and medium-sized enterprises at local / regional level, i.e. ESTABLISHING LOCAL / REGIONAL BUISINESS CENTER.

Project objective

The main project objective is SME development support through establishing institutional network at local and regional level – and providing support for citizens in place where they live. The sub objective would be lightening regional differences through adequate SME development support at local and regional level, but also getting needful information for better defining the Government policy and strategy in this area. The strategic development destination of this economic segment has been defined through this system, at all regional levels, which the Commune covers. Therefore, it is needed to provide the development decentralization.


The main project task of “institutional support for small and medium-sized enterprises” is establishing business centers at local level, which will afford certain services:

a) Develop – analytical

٠ Defining strategy development at local-regional level
٠ Making developing projects
٠ Making concrete projects
٠ Elaborating business ideas
٠ Researching
٠ Affirming the priority development of the region-municipal
٠ Analyzing development at local level
٠ Statistics
٠ Suggesting measures and activities

b) Business

٠ How to set up a business
٠ How to find financial sources
٠ Making feasibility studies (idea application)
٠ Making business plans
٠ Providing education
٠ Connecting with consulting agencies
٠ Recording business ideas
٠ Market analyses
٠ How to perform and make a contact with the Government in order to expose problems and their solutions
٠ How to surpass business problems
٠ Permanent control in credit using.