Project “Entrepreneurial clubs in elementary schools” is intended for 7th and 8th–grade students and is primarily concerned with their participation in voluntary activities in entrepreneurial staff training. Namely, the workshops’ purpose is not student training in a conventional way, but by means of games and competitions that will generate successful results and, using this interesting method, bring closer particular elements of entrepreneurial mind-set, or entrepreneurial philosophy. Directorate for Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises is carrying out this project with support from Ministry of Education and Science, Small Business Development Centre (Slovenia) and a Slovenian enterprise “SUN”.
The intention of this project is to create favorable circumstances for launching entrepreneurial courses in elementary schools.

The accomplishment of this project is having an effect in the following areas:

  1. creation of positive environment based on mutual dependence and team work;
  2. encouragement of students to submit personal proposals for simple projects;
  3. spreading information about entrepreneurship;
  4. recognizing children’s potentials for business (urging them to be creative and to develop entrepreneurial spirit and aptitude for team work in early childhood);
  5. precautionary action in preventing and eliminating potential unemployment.

Third year of realization of the project “Entrepreneurial Clubs in Elementary Schools” has started in november 2005, when the program was expanded to 5 more elementary schools, totaling 16 elementary schools in Montenegro.

Previously, 20 mentors were trained in Slovenia and 260 pupils from Montenegro went through the program. Pupils will be educated in development of mini business plans. Their business plans will be presented at the end of program completion.
There are tendencies to institutionalize the project, however, due to the lack of financial support, discussions with relevant institutions have not been initiated.