The Project “Enhancement of competitiveness of domestic enterprises” gives main directives and measures for stimulating competitiveness of domestic enterprises. When considering the size of domestic market and its absorption ability it is clear to see that production of goods and services, targeted mainly at the domestic market, can not be relied upon as a base for faster growth. It is necessary to concentrate on enhancing the competitiveness of domestic producers in a way they could then sell their products on other markets as well.
through cooperation with German consulting organization GTZ, technical support is provided, and foreign experts are actively engaged in project realization.
The Project is directed toward three sectors: agriculture (meat industry, forestry products and herbs, organic production), tourism and wood processing. Different phases are reached regarding different sectors:

- Agriculture
- Tourism
- Wood processing 


The “Creation of conditions for competitiveness enhancement of domestic products on Montenegrin and foreign market – providing conditions for market expanding ( enhancement of export ), better and more efficient use of domestic resources ( natural, productive and personnel )”.


  • Analysis of the present situation ( based on certain criteria determinate three groups of producers: First, existing producers that already export; Second: producers that have production that is not export oriented ( to define the reasons ); third, determine potentials upon which existing production can develop and be export oriented.
  • Define and implement the introduction of standards ( technological, geographic origin standards, packaging standards, etc.)
  • Prepare set of special stimulation measures through adjustments to tax policy
  • Increase the level of business knowledge ( especially in functions of marketing )
  • Marketing and promotion of domestic production and potentials ( e.g. project MADE IN MONTENEGRO)
  • Providing special credit support programmes which will be realized through banks ( bankS are making final decision on allocation ).