The Government of Montenegro has adopted the document “Export Promotion Strategy” that has been prepared by MIEREI, in December 2005. By this strategy SMEDA was recognized as implementation body for export enhancement measures defined in this document.

Aiming to realize this Strategy and to create conditions for export support, a special Export and Competitiveness promotion unit was established within SMEDA.

The main role of this Export Department is to accomplish the micro level of activity which represents a part of the Export Promotion Strategy directed towards a direct influence on export companies, by assisting these companies in all stages of export activity. It is based upon offering expert assistance at drafting an export product quality improvement programme, a competitiveness improvement programme, business and export marketing plans, a marketing programme and education programme for export companies.

In the aim of successful realization of tasks proposed by “Export Promotion Strategy”, and in the aim of successful and qualitative start up of Export Department activities, that has been established within SMEDA, we have prepared the document “Export and competitiveness enhancement – strategic and operative plan” which contains measures and activities in the aim of promotion and export enhancement for Montenegrin enterprises.

This document sets out how this Export Department will operate and be effective. It includes:

The current situation in the Montenegrin economy/market/sectors/products
Analysis of this situation – realistic diagnosis
Recommendations and proposed concrete actions/measures accepted and used by Export Promotion Agencies all over the world, which will lead to reaching of the established goals
Action plan

The main goals established by this document are: increase in the number of export enterprises, volume, diversity and quality of their export products, as well as institutional support to Montenegrin exporters in identification of appropriate markets, product placement and position on the market.

This document has been adopted by Government of Montenegro in the end of September 2006.