In the middle of 2006 Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises started implementation of a new, very important Programme, “Energy efficiency and renewable energy in Montenegro” (RE-EE).

The Programme is a result of Montenegrin and German Government negotiations and the fund for this Programme for 2006 is 3 million Euro. Programme participants are KfW – German development bank, CKB – Local bank, MACS – Programme monitoring consultant and Directorate for development of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEDA). Fund is managed by KfW; credit arranged, approved and funds disbursed by CKB; technical documentation prepared by MACS GmbH; Programme promoted and implemented according to the guidelines, by SMEDA. Originally it was agreed on fund of 3 million Euro, out of which 500 thousand was direct donation of German Government for Programme technical support. In 2008. the fund was enlarged to 15 million Euros.

By the end of year 2008 we have approved 13 projects worth approximately 3 million Euro and significant number of companies is undergoing the prescreening process.

This Project enables small and medium enterprises to identify in short term inefficient and non-ecological use of resources, implement measures for improving energy efficiency and introducing alternative sources of renewable energies in a way to reduce costs of energy. This Project has another dimension, and that is education and influence on population to use energy rationally.

The roll of SMEDA is to inform enterprises about the possible Programme measures that could to be applied, provide support with investment documentation making, including technical and business documentation, Programme promotion, coordination and support to all additional services for successful Programme implementation.

Until now, with the main aim of raising awareness SMEDA has performed following activities: road show carried out in regional and local business centers introducing Programme to Montenegrin companies, promotional film has been made, financed by German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Programme logo was chosen in cooperation by GTZ, published “Big Brochure”, containing Programme information with variety of possible measures for potential investors, promotional flyers, number of direct Programme promotions within the municipalities, number of direct visits to the companies etc.

In the next period continuation of Programme promotion is planned, with the special attention to the hotels (solar collectors for water heating), and wood processing industries (use of biomass) as well as all other companies with the potential for the implementation of measures included in the Programme.