Project objectives

• Technological improvement of greenhouses production
• Increase capacity of plant production in closed space
• Define standards in production technology
• Organize purchase of goods, fertilizers, seeds and other agriculture resources
• Organize sale, marketing, protection of domestic production


• The realisation of second phase (greenhouses assembling), is on going; it is planned to assemble 48 greenhouses of 1000 m2 and 10 of 500 m2
• Until now we have assembled 28 500 m2
• Credit repayment for the first group of users starts from the 1 November (the time when grace period is finished)
• Experts from the Consulting department are monitoring producers

Project perspectives 

• Assemble completion
• Further education of producers
• Beginning of the third phase of the project (commodity credit line of Israeli company in amount of 1 500 000 €)
• Marketing support and products standardisation

Organic agriculture

• Development of organic agriculture in Moraca area
• Contract between 15 farmers and Switzerland company Demetra
• Producers education
• Realisation of production in specialise Bio-stores, hotels.