Business environment in Montenegro has significantly improved during the last few years. The whole series of laws, harmonized with EU standards, has been adopted, creating an institutional framework for the inducement of investments and implementation of economic policy on the whole, defined with the strategic document- the Agenda of Economic Reforms. Furthermore, during the last few years, Montenegro has implemented significant reforms in key sectors: fiscal system, financial sectors, payment operations, privatization, restructuring of enterprises, etc

However, enterprises continue to face a difficult business environment given the complex legal and regulatory framework, the onerous and insufficient-transparent public administration system and the weak judicial structure in Montenegro.
The absence of a seamless, transparent and predictable legal and regulatory framework for business establishment and operation serves as an impediment to entrepreneurship in the relatively small market of Montenegro.

This complexity contributes to the difficulty, risk and cost of doing business in Montenegro.
Therefore, some of the basic challenges faced by Montenegro in improving its attractiveness for entrepreneurs are the harmonization of the legal and regulatory framework for business, consequent implementation and streamlining business establishment and operations procedures, and predictable environment for doing business.