BAS Program” – Business consulting program is managed by the TAM management Group, on the behalf of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Program objective

Bas program represents support to micro, small and medium enterprises through business/advisory services aiming to improve their quality and competitiveness.

Program is aimed at development and promotion of local consulting market, i.e. raising the level of competencies of domestic consultants and enhancement of quality of services provided to the enterprises.

Program tasks

»  Development of enterprise restructuring program,
»  Introduction of modern management systems, marketing and quality,
»  Introduction of management information system,
»  Improvement of accounting system and control system,
»  Improvement of products/services,
»  Market research and development,
»  Introduction of European ecological standards,
»  Searching business partners,
»  Business plan development.


Bas program has started in Montenegro at the beginning of 2003. In period 2003/2004 BAS program has successfully realized 52 projects in general business development, business plan development, investments, introduction of quality system and certification, IT projects, multimedia presentations, accounting and management information systems.

In order to provide support to the enterprises which are dealing with expanded competition at domestic market by the international competitors and access to the export markets, half of BAS program for period 2005/2006 is determined to the special BAS marketing program.

In 2005. BAS program has involved 48 enterprises, out of which 24 implemented BAS marketing program.

Selected enterprises will be supported by the domestic consultants accredited by BAS, or experienced foreign consultants chosen by TAM.

The base of BAS consultants has 14 consulting firms where each of them employees several consultants and additional 17 individual consultants.