Within overall activities that Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises realizes in education field, and development of entrepreneurship spirit, the initiative for project “Summer school – Cetinje, the capital� has been launched. This project has been realizing in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science and Bureau for Education Services. The realization has started, and there are 90 pupils from three schools from the northern part of Montenegro staying now in Cetinje. “Summer school – Cetinje, the capital� is specific way of organizing education process, which is generated out of classroom, and it offers pupils extraordinary possibility to get introduced with their country, history, cultural-historical monuments, as well as nature beauties.
The basic aim of the project “Summer school� is to enable children from early elementary school to get know about culture and history of their state, respecting principles that the it is the best when learned directly at the relevant place; visiting and getting introduced with the most important Montenegrin destinations; and to develop ecological conscious and care for environment.
During their stay in capital, children will visit culture-historical monuments, such as: King Nicola’s palace, Billiards room, Government house, Blue Castle, Monastery treasure, embassies of Russia, England, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Austria, relief of Montenegro, Orlov Krs (Eagles Crag), and other remains of church where printing house Crnojevic worked, and Mausoleum Lovcen.
Children will have opportunity to watch theatre show “Romeo and Juliet� at the authentic ambient of Zetski dom.
Within ecological part, visits to National park Lovcen and Skadar lake is organized. Ecological workshops will be organized there, enabling children to get introduced to flora and fauna in interesting way, but also to nutrition chain and protection of environment.

Realization will be in the following periods:

I group: 23-29 April 2006.
II group: 07-13 May 2006.
III group: 14-20 May 2006.