Within the Project »Entrepreneurship incentive Program», the director of the Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises, Mr. Zoran Vukcevic will visit the municipality Zabljak on Thursday, 13th April 2006, during which he will have the presentation of above mentioned project, in order to inform better small and medium-sized enterprises about the possibilities and advantages of this project. The representatives from the Employment Agency and Development Fund will participate the presentation as well.

The basic aim of this »Entrepreneurship incentive Program» is enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to get loans, under favourable conditions, as they could run their business on stable basis, have dynamic growth and enterprises development, employ new workers, and thus, contribute to overall economic development of Montenegrin economy.

The Government of Montenegro, in accordance with Action plan for 2006, has prepared »Entrepreneurship incentive Program», realizing by Government institutions: Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises, Employment Agency and Development Fund.

Presentation will be held in the premises of the Municipality Zabljak, at 12:00 hours.