Memorandum of Understanding was signed today between the Directorate for development of small and medium sized enterprises and GTZ (German Technical Cooperation) for the project „Enhancement of Energy efficiency in Montenegro“(ASE).

The task of the project „Enhancement of Energy efficiency in Montenegro “is focused on capacity building of regional business centres staff (Niksic, Cetinje, Berane and Kolasin). The consultants in business centres should gain through these seminars the basic knowledge on energy efficiency measures and ways of SME financial approaches.

Thus, regional business centres will perform as info-centres for energy efficiency as well, to assist small and medium enterprises, but also citizens.

In signing this Memorandum, GTZ expressed its willingness to support the Directorate for development of small and medium sized enterprises through engaging experts and providing necessary equipment for above mentioned 4 business centres.

The heart of cooperation will be on promotion and advice on implementation of energy efficient measures and use of renewable energies which will greatly contribute to sustainable economic development, job creation, increased productivity, environment protection and overall increased level in working/living conditions.

The other business centres will be involved in the project later as well.

GTZ- ASE project has started in Montenegro in April 2008, which provides assistance and support to Montenegrin institutions through series of activities in the field of energy efficiency. The emphasis of all activities is on legislation and capacity building of energy audits, as well as practising energy audits into public buildings.

The important segment of GTZ –ASE project is raising the public awareness about the energy efficiency significance and dissemination information to general public through different education campaigns.