Of the past four years Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Size Enterprises has been implementing the project “Entrepreneurial Clubs in Primary Schools� based on recommendations and other positive experiences, designed for pupils in the VII and VIII grade, with the objective of introducing the youngest population to the principles of entrepreneurship.

OECD Conference on Professional Education for the XXI century held in 1994 has emphasized that the states that wish to successfully enter the new millennium have to provide professional education and training system that will enable young people to develop new values and skills, such as: entrepreneurship, creativity, team work, ethics, flexibility and positive thinking.

Our objective was to provide the opportunity to interested young people to learn through their personal experience how is the business functioning, to learn its role in providing jobs and business development.

Directorate for Development of SMEs has been realizing this project with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Institute of Education. Additionally, directors of all 16 mentioned schools and sponsors of some entrepreneurial clubs have contributed to the successful realization of this project.

In compliance with project implementation, this is the second year in which the competition of entrepreneurial clubs in development of business plan is held.

Out of 16 schools, there are 6 finalists, namely:

1. Entrepreneurship club from Bijelo Polje primary school“ Vladislav Ribnikar „
2. Entrepreneurship club primary school „Narodni heroj Savo Ilić“ from Kotor .
3. Entrepreneurship club from Berane primary school „Vuk Karadžić“.
4. Entrepreneurship club primary school „Sutjeska“ from Podgorica
5. Entrepreneurship club iz primary school „Boško Strugar“ from Ulcinj
6. Entrepreneurship club from primary school „Braća Labudović“ from Nikšić

Clubs have performed, in a very creative way, 5-minute presentations of their business strategies and the projects they developed during their participation in entrepreneurial clubs. They have demonstrated that they grasped the most significant entrepreneurial lessons.

Representatives of the COMMITTEE were from Directorate for Development of SMEs and they appreciated:

Originality of business idea
Content of business plan
Design of the business plan
Content of business idea presentation
Presentation dynamics
Presentation timing

First place took primary school from Uclinj „Boško Strugar“ with business idea “Business guidance of the most successful enterprises from Ulcinj â€?.

II place was business idea “Tourist agencyâ€? from primary school „Vuk Karadžić“, Berane.

III place took Primary school „Mileva Lajović Lalatović“ from Nikšić and their business idea was “School Radio Stationâ€?.

IV palce took three ENTREPRENEURIAL clubs which are following :

Primary school „Vladislav Ribnikar“ from Bijelo Polje for business idea “Production of knitted accessories�.
Primary school „Narodni heroj Savo Ilić“ from Kotor, for business idea “ Funny T- shirtâ€?.
Primary school „Sutjeska“ from Podgorica for business idea “Sport Days� .

They have learned that:

o In today’s ever-changing world it isn’t important how much they know, but how fast they learn.

o Experience is as important as education.

o Money is but one aspect of power. However, money comes and goes, but if they acquire knowledge that will teach them how the money functions, they will achieve true power.

o The most powerful asset that they possess is their mind.