The aim of the project “Election for the best enterprise� is stimulation of entrepreneurship development, and promotion of entrepreneurship success through creating positive “entrepreneurship climate�, by giving public awards.

The ceremony will be held on Tuesday, May 15, 2006, at the premises of Hotel “Crna Gora�, city café, at 19:00, when the best enterprise will be announced.
National economic reasons for initiating this project are in accordance with entrepreneurship promotion, after the government had previously approved strategy for development of SMEs and entrepreneurship. The strategy should be accepted by those who will implement it, those who the strategy is indented for, and especially those who could show on their own case its justification.

Furthermore, it is important that entrepreneurs are “awarding� the winners, which effects to better promotion and importance of the award “the best entrepreneurs of the year�.
Having promoted entrepreneurship, understanding the importance of entrepreneurship should be broadening, as well as its contribution to country development, and to overall enhancement of living standard. Thus, entrepreneurship development has different positive effects to economy through:
1. creating more new job positions;
2. creating new products and services, as part of social wealth, which enable economic growth, increase of GDP and better productivity;
3. innovation introduction, as SME competitive skill against both domestic and foreign competition;
4. creating broaden economic structure, which does not depend on one dominant activity or on one big enterprise, and which will follow economic moves;
5. entering new enterprises that will be connected respectively;
6. entrepreneurship and managers education through exchanging experiences;
7. investment possibilities of small citizens resources, who will never invest in big enterprise.