Multibeneficiary Program IPA Coordination Meetings are aiming at project presentations within multibeneficiary programs, as well as exchanging of experience within Western Balkan countries.
Delegation of Montenegro was consisted of representatives from Secretariat for European Integration, Ministry of finance, Ministry of education and science, and Directorate for development of small and medium sized enterprises.

Montenegro, as a potential candidate country for EU admission, has the right to use first two IPA components:
(Assistance and transition and institutional building) has been devided into national and Multibeneficiary IPA, i
2. Seconed component is aimed at fostering cross border cooperation and regional cooperation.

During coordination meeting held in Brussels on 15-16 January 2009, IPA Multibeneficiary Program 2 was presented and discussed, with preliminary project ideas. The following projects were presented:
- Civil Society Facility –Partnershio Actions between: 1. Socio-economic Partners, 2.Minorities/Vulnerable Group organizations and 3.Organizations in the area of Culture (10-15 mil €),
- EC EBRD SME Compliance Facility (10 mil €, while EBRD will additionaly provide 40 mil € annualy for three years),
- Energy Efficiency Facility and Renewable Energy (EIB i KfW- 30 mil €)
- EC Participation in the European Fund for South East Europe (10 mil €),
- Erasmus mundus-External Cooperation (12 mil €),
- Development of Taxation and Custom IT Interconnectivity and Operational Capacities (500.000 €),
- Regional Blueprints Exercise on Customs and Taxation (1,45 mil €),
- Regional Competitiveness Initiative – Sustaining competitiveness through Human Capital development, Regional Clusters and Sector Policy Reforms (with the proposal for Regional Cooperation Council and private sector – 3,8 mil €),
- Regional Centre for Entrepreneurail Learning (1,7 mil €-Zagreb),
- Regional Development of Trade and Investment in the western Balkans (CEFTA 500.000 €),
- Statistics (5,4 mil €),
- Erasmus Mundus-Western Balkans and Turkey (8 mil €),
- Witness Protection in the fight Agaist Serious Crime (4 mil €),
- Youth in action program for Western Balkan (1,5 mil €) i
- Tempus program for Western Balkans (20,1 mil €).

Second part of the meeting was dedicated to the economic financial crisis, where representatives from ECB, EIB, KfW and OECD discussed about IPA resources to support impact on alleviating the impact of the crisis.

IPA Crisis response Package 2009 is based on the European Economic Recovery Plan, which Commission published on 26 November, including futher support of economic and social consolidation of the candidate countries and the Western Balkans, in the mutual interest of the EU and the region. To this end the Commission will put in place a 120 mil €, leveraging an amount of 500 mil € from International Financial Institutions.

Thirs part of the meeting was dedicated to the following topics: monitoring, providing Civil Society support and Nuclear Safety.


• Host country for the next coordination meeting of the multibeneficiary IPA is Croatia (June 2009), while Macedonia will have that role in October 2009.
• Deadline for project application is I week of May 2010. The project ideas will be discussed in June, and re-discussed in III week of October.