The Employment Agency of Montenegro and the Directorate for SME Development on Tuesday, 18.05.2010. at 17:00 pm in the Multimedia Room KIC “Budo Tomovic” promoted and awarded certificates to trainees of II generation project “A Chance for young managers”.

Certificates were presented to trainees by Mr. Miomir Mugosa, Mayor of Podgorica, Mr. Zoran Jelic, Director of the Employment Agency of Montenegro and Mr. Zoran Vukcevic, Director of Directorate for SME Development.

The Directorate for SME Development and Employment Agency of Montenegro initiated and started the implementation of the Project “A Chance for young managers” in May 2008. The project includes 63 companies, and has been very successfully implemented in Podgorica, Bijelo Polje, Niksic, Bar, Danilovgrad and Cetinje.

The goal of a complete training that is conducted within the project “A Chance for young managersâ€? is to compensate deficiencies of the formal education system manager in a short period, providing opportunity to young professionals through practical examples, simulations of real situations and practical work in the enterprise, learn and develop skills in the domain of social interaction or “soft skills” (communication, leadership, teamwork, etc), as well as some of the key “hard skills” skills – project management and project assignments, analytical decision making, human resource management, marketing, etc.

The project is aimed at young, students, economic, professional and similar profiles of education, and to all those who call themselves and see their careers in small and medium enterprises.

Vukcevic stressed that this is a good thing for employers, because it is possible to find staff for the improvement work through this kind of activity in the future, and that these projects are precisely those that need work and development in all directions, so that more students are ready for the challenges that await them in employment.

In the process of the students` practice, employers do not have financial obligations to the candidate. The compensation is provided to them out of the project and funded by the Employment Agency of Montenegro and the Directorate for SME Development.

115 young students have so far passed through this training, which was very successfully conducted in Podgorica, Bijelo Polje, Niksic, Cetinje, Danilovgrad and Bar, which included 63 companies, while the degree of employability is something greater than 90%.