On the Constitution Assembly session held on 21st July 2011., four SME institutions from South-Eastern Europe countries, with support Dutch organization SPARK, established ASSOCIATION OF AGENCIES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES OF SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE.

Founders of the Association are: National Agency for Regional Development of Serbia, Agency for promotion of enterpreneurship of the Republic of Macedonia, SME support Agency of Kosovo and Directorate for SME development of Montenegro.

Association of Agencies for the Development of small and medium size Enterprises of South-Eastern Europe is association established in order to achieve objectives in the field of stimulation of the sustainable economic development in the region of South-Eastern Europe and assistance in the process of the integration into European Union, through improvement of cross-border cooperation among private sector, governmental bodies and universities, strengthening of the `regionalization` of existing institutions for the economic development, supporting economic and educational institutions for the promotion of entrepreneurship, strengthening of their activities and development of new regional economic initiative, effectiveness and efficiency of partners.