The following enterprises were selected in top ten: D.O.O. »Cungu & co« Ulcinj, doo »Zetagradnja« Podgorica, »Nimont« doo Bar, ”MONTEMLIN Å AJO”- Danilovgrad, “MI-RAI”D.O.O. Nikšić, “PERLA” D.O.O. Herceg Novi, »Šimšić montemilk – Lazine« Danilovgrad, »Digit Montenegro« Podgorica, doo »čurković company« Nikšić, »Studio Mouse »doo Podgorica, while the following are in top three in 2005: Cijevna komerc „ d.o.o. Podgorica, „Martex“ d.o.o. Cetinje and „ZIGMA“ AD Nikšić.
The Commission elected “Cijevna komerc� for the best enterprise in 2005.

A special award for dynamic growth was consigned to„Mesopromet“ from Bijelo Polje.

The aim of the project “Election for the best enterprise� is stimulation of entrepreneurship development, and promotion of entrepreneurship success through creating positive “entrepreneurship climate�, by giving public awards.

National economic reasons for initiating this project are in accordance with entrepreneurship promotion, after the government had previously approved strategy for development of SMEs and entrepreneurship. The strategy should be accepted by those who will implement it, those who the strategy is indented for, and especially those who could show on their own case its justification.

Furthermore, it is important that entrepreneurs are “awarding� the winners, which effects to better promotion and importance of the award “the best entrepreneurs of the year�.
The selection for the best enterprises is standard practice in many developed countries, and these awards represent respectable awards for successful enterprises. Within the most important, in EU countries, there is annual election for the fastest growing enterprise award – Growth Plus – i.e. Europe’s top 500. In USA, from 1982, the Inc. Magazine announces top 500 the fastest growing small enterprises.

Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises prepared this project for almost a year. We used experiences from different countries, especially Slovenian’s. We received professional assistance from Professor Viljem Psenicni and Professor Miroslav Glas from Economic Faculty in Ljubljana.
All small and medium-sized enterprises from Montenegro were allowed to participate to “Election for the best enterprises in 2005�. Out of 72 enterprises, that were selected, 30 delivered their application forms.
The criteria were as follows:
1. the size and increase of total income
2. the size and increase of number of employees
3. operating with profit
4. internationalization of business activities
5. quality of goods/services
6. new technology and innovation
7. relation and responsibility toward social environment
8. entrepreneurs` (managers`) features

Taking into consideration that the elected enterprise will represent successful and respectful enterprise in Montenegro, it was needful to have special Commission appraisal, beside these criteria, based on which, 13 enterprises were selected in second round.

Commission was consisted of 7 members: representatives from Union of Employers, Economic Faculty, independent consultants, Directorate for SME development, journalist of magazine “Pobjeda�, representative from Promonte and Commercial Montenegrin Bank.
The Commission visited all 13 enterprises, made interviews with managers, directors, made analysis of qualitative criteria (if an enterprise stimulate its staff for vocational education, what are the working conditions, how much it supports sport, cultural or other activities…).
We will try to make this “Election for the best enterprise� traditionally, and Directorate will award the best enterprises every year, aiming at respecting entrepreneurship success. The award itself is, social award, success promotion, and the name of being the best for 2005 year.
During the ceremony, Directorate has consigned the Gratitude Award to the following institutions for their support of SME development:
European Agency for Reconstruction, USAID, German organization for technical cooperation and assistance – GTZ, Agency for entrepreneurship and investment of the Republic of Slovenia – JAPTI, Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, region Lazio, BAS program office, HELP, Economic Faculty in Podgorica, municipality Podgorica, Commercial Montenegrin Bank, Pljevaljska Bank, Niksicka Bank, to MR. Bozo Kovac, NJP Pobjeda, to Ms. Mira Milovic – journalist, Radio Television Montenegro, Radio Antena M, Montepano TV IN, MBC TV, NTV Montena, indepemdent magazine “Vijesti�.