The basic objective is establishing business incubator as tool» for entrepreneurship development enhancement, which enables establishing new enterprises, creating new job positions, as well as developing new ideas and technologies.


In order to realize successfully a project, certain activities should be fulfilled, such as:
State analysis – interest and demand for establishing business incubator should be analysed from the side of entrepreneurs and small enterprises, as well as their willingness to be part of this kind of support;

Defining partnership in financing incubator establishment – in order to have stable incubator financing, it is necessary to define partners in project forming, financing obligations, and also independence of incubator management from financiers.
Location selection of space/object –it is very important to select right space for incubator location. It should be near infrastructure facilities, and potential clients too.
Management establishment – establishing qualitative management/management team is of high importance for »feasible« functioning of the incubator.
Management/management team has to be independent from each influence that has not business nature.
Making business plans for functioning the incubator – business plan should precisely define rules of incubator operations, offered services, conditions for entering and leaving the incubator, etc