Director of the Directorate fore development of small and medium-sized enterprises, Mr. Zoran Vukčević, and minister for agriculture, water supply and forestry, Mr. Milutin Simović, will visit International fair »Green week« from 12th till 15th January 2006, which is held in Berlin from 13th till 22nd January 2006, and is one of the oldest and biggest fair of food processing industry, agriculture and horticulture. Within fair, many manifestations, forums and round tables are organized. Special attention is paid to 13th Agriculture forum East-West, dealing with issue of consumption policy in world of globalization and sustainable development of agriculture products.
Apart from the visits of fair and Agriculture forum East-West, meetings are planned with representatives from Federal Ministry for consumers` protection, food industry and agriculture, about:
• Initializing credit line in agriculture sector
• Resolving the problem of removing animal confiscates
In addition, this visit represents fastening cooperation with German organization for technical cooperation within the Project for support to economic development and employment in Serbia and Montenegro, with the emphasis to agriculture development, capacities for agriculture products` processing, placement of the products, and creating new job positions in agriculture sector.