SMEDD and GTZ-ASE have organized three days semminar for energy consultants according to signed MoU from 22.09.2009. The seminar was designed for the existing regional and business centres’ employees. Seminar was held in SMEDDs’premisies in Podgorica in the period from 7 – 9 of December 2009.

Lectures from University of Montenegro, Ministry of Economy – energy efficiency department, NGO Green Home, consultant from Croatia and GTZ-ASE consultant presented EE from different aspects, such as, legislative frame for EE in Montenegro and relevant regulations, EE impact on enviroment, process of building certification, thermal insulation, thermal losses, certification of electrical appliances, use of renewable energies, economical aspects of EE projects, project implementation process, EE credit lines etc.

The seminar was divided in different segments where each part focused on specific aspects of EE such as: EE in architecture, EE in civil engeneering, energy efficient mechanical and industrial equipment, renewable energies and efficient use of energies.

Representatives from five business centres, SMEDD, GTZ-ASE and NLB Montenegro bank attended the seminar.